In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is the symbol of Devguru Braspati and is represented by Yellow Sapphire, commonly known as Pokhraj. The light yellow colour gemstone is suitable for Sagittarius, Pisces, and Jupiter Nakshatra such as Purva, Bhadprada, Punarvasu, and Vishakha.


Who can wear Emerald


Astrologers recommend Yellow Sapphire to those whose Jupiter is placed with malefic planets or it is in the debilitated state or even it is in enemy sign. Individuals with Jupiter in their 6th, 8th or 12th house may wear Yellow Sapphire. Consultation from an apt astrologer should always be done before wearing Yellow Sapphire because sometimes Jupiter may be the most benefic planet in the horoscope but it may give a negative effect due to its placement. In general, a person who desires respect and success may wear Pokhraj.


When, Where and How to wear Emerald


Astrologers suggest the weight of the Pokhraj only after a proper analysis of the horoscope. Pokhraj should be worn on the index finger of the working hand either in gold or in copper. It can also be worn as a pendant. To absorb the full energy of Jupiter the gemstone should always be energized. As per our scripture, it should be worn on Thursday of Shukla Paksha.




Weak Jupiter may cause diseases like jaundice, hernia, obesity, kidney, and heart or liver problems. It may also cause a delay in marriage and sometimes disharmony in married life. Wearers of Pokhraj are blessed with success, fortune, good luck and wisdom.




Sunela is a substitute for Pokhraj. An astrologer tells you the weight of the gemstone after deeply analyzing your horoscope. Therefore, to be benefitted from the energy of Jupiter and absorb it into your aura, consult a good astrologer.


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