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Offering best astrology service solutions in Bangalore for the past decade catering to over 50000+ clients, Sunny Sharma ji has come across as the most famous astrologer in Bangalore in recent years. His services in the domain of astrology in Bangalore range from astrological readings, phone astrology, online astrology, palmistry analysis, gemstone consultation, vedic and tantrik rituals. Sunny Sharma ji’s clients come from diverse backgrounds from businessman to white collar professionals.


He is well-known for his accurate horoscope (janam kundali) readings and predictions and easy to implement vedic astrological solutions. He has helped thousands of his clients in their career, professional life, earning quick bucks with stock market trading and investments and in their personal married or loves lives. Sunny Sharma ji’s benevolent demeanour and his in-depth knowledge of astrology with extensive hands-on training, he has relieved many of his clients of black magic effects and assist them to live their lives with best of their abilities.


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Whatever be your life problem, whatever be your queries - Best Astrologer in Bangalore, Sunny Sharma ji has solutions to all your problems. You might have given below queries in regard to your love/married life. 


When will I get married
- Will I have love marriage or arranged marriage?
- Facing problems in love marriage?
- Family nor ready to accept inter racial marriage?
- Facing problems in married life? Compatibility problems with your partner
- Feeling stuck in your career?
- Unable to find a right job for you? Unemployed?
- Frustrated with no professional growth? 
- Dealing with Financial problems?


You may reach out to Famous Online Astrologer in Bangalore, Sunny Sharma ji. You can visit him online or offline. His online astrology consultations are well-known and his clients are highly satisfied with him. They appreciate him for his extensive knowledge, non judgemental attitude and for being a wonderful listener. For him, astrology is not a means to earn money, but a way to solve the problems of the distressed people. He has vowed to use his astrological vidya to resolve people’s problems and help them achieving happiness and prosperity. Majority of the people contact him through online mediums of whatsapp, email and video conferencing. He gives due attention to all his clients, lsiten to them carefully and suggests them the most appropriate vedic solution that take them to their desired goals.  


* Are your struggling with finances in your life?
* Are your facing downfall in your business?
* Concerned about your children’s marriage, their education?
* Suffering from marital discord?
* Are you facing problems in your love life?
* Your partner is having extra marital affair?


Whatever could be the nature of the problem, all the answers of your life lie in the planetary position of your natal chart. All you need is an expert astrologer who is well versed in all the aspects of astrology and can suggest you the best remedies to deal with situation and bring positive outcomes.


Sunny ji is highly regarded as the best astrologer in Bangalore, serving thousands of clients, coming from top business families, celebrities and professionals working in corporate culture in Bangalore. He is known for his keen knowledge in astrology, palmistry, vastu, vashikaran vidya,  and gemstone consultation. He is well-received by all his clients because of his jovial nature, keen sense of listening and non-judgemental approach while dealing with the problems of an individual.


Famous Astrologer in Bangalore, Sunnyji ensures, his clients should be able to discuss their problems whichever medium they are comfortable with be it whatsapp, phone, online chat, skype chat or personal visit. He ensures complete confidentiality of his clients.


His clients swear by his genuine, accurate and precise future predictions. If you are confused about any area of your life, be it personal or professional, undoubtedly, Sunnyji is the best astrologer in Bangalore, solving all your problems and devising a detailed astrological arrangement plan that would be ground breaking in a sense bringing you small and easy remedies that would help you tide over the challenges of your life and reach to your desired outcome.


Sunnyji’s USP

* 100% guaranteed results
* Accurate and precise forecasts
* Satisfactory results
* Easy but powerful remedies
* An expert and powerful astrologer
* Decade long experience in astrology   
* Excellent and non-judgemental listener


Sunny ji - A Top Astrologer in Bangalore, specialised in:

* Horoscope reading
* Match making
Vashikaran vidya
* Palmistry
* Vastu
* Gemstone consultation
* Pooja, havan
* Mantra, tantra


Get in touch with the Famous Astrologer in Bangalore. Ask your questions and get solutions. 100% guaranteed results. Genuine, Accurate and Precise Reading.


Sunny Astrologer
Our Mission Is To Help You Reach Your Goals

India’s No.1 Leading Astrologer has 27+Yrs exp. astrologer 100% Result for Love Relationship Career. Marriage Money, etc. 100% Accuracy by Astrology. 

27 + Years Of Experience
Thousands of happy Customers
Users from Worldwide
Effective Solutions
Privacy Guaranteed
Safe and Secure

What Clients Are Saying


Delhi, India

A soft spoken astrologer who answers all questions with accurate prediction. We could contact them several times for suggestions in our life. A person who gives light to entire world. I request to contact him with confidence.

    Bhavna Patel

    Surat, India

    I just found him through the internet. He has given me good insight into my life and struggle. He has given me great guidance. I m suppose to follow up in a month. Am sure his path will. help me. (USA)

    Shweta Dhaliwal

    Chandigarh, India

    Very genuine human being which you hardly see in today's world. Simple yet authentic. Will guide you in a very positive way where you remove all your fears and move ahead in life. I wish the universe creates more genuine persons who are truly a blessing in today's world. Highly recommended

      Amita Batra

      Los Angeles, (USA)

      I am in touch with Mr. Sunny Sharma for the last 1.5 years. My experience has always been very good even I have recommended his name to my friends and colleagues as well. All are satisfied. He is a very humble and down-to-earth person and not an arrogant person.

        Shruti Bajaj

        Jaipur, India

        There are no words to describe Astrologer Sunny Ji. I have called him so many times and without any hesitation he answers all my questions so patiently as the first time. He is great. Thanks Sir.

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