Health Astrology Predication: Discover Your Health Destiny

Health Astrology by Date of Birth
Can astrology predict health problems? Health astrology prediction is the branch of Vedic astrology that gives insight into possible health problems. It also suggests remedies to reduce the likely health problems. 

Astrology for health problems forewarns us; thus, we can take preventive measures in advance. 

Astrology for Mental Health

Are you struggling with mental health issues? Health astrology by date of birth may hold the answers you seek. By examining the movements of the stars and planets, astrologers can gain insight into your personality, emotions, and innermost desires.

But how exactly can astrology help with mental health? Which planet is responsible for health? As per astrology for health, the key lies in understanding your unique astrological chart. Besides, this chart may reveal your strengths and weaknesses and the areas of your life where you may experience the most difficulty.

How do you know your health in astrology? Astrology and health problems reveal that phases of the Moon affect the person with a mental health condition. Moreover, horoscope, divisional chart, and Dasha give an overview of mental illness. For instance, Moon and Mercury signify logic and intellect, whereas Jupiter reflects wisdom. So, if these planets are afflicted, it affects the logical thinking process. Additionally, the placement of the Moon in the 6th and 12th houses may cause lunatic behavior. Further, the degree and type of planet afflicting Jupiter, Moon, and Mercury also points towards mental health issues.

On the other hand, if Moon is under the affliction of the Sun, then the person may be short-tempered. Similarly, the Moon afflicted by Mars makes a person aggressive. Furthermore, Rahu makes a person have a phobia, and Ketu makes a person maniac.
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Health Astrology Prediction: Astrology for Health Remedies

How can I improve my health astrology? The health astrology calculator examines the position of stars and planets, thereby identifying the area of weakness in the body. Here are some remedies as per astrology house for health. 

*For headaches, try wearing a blue sapphire or amethyst.

*To boost immunity, consume foods associated with your astrological sign. 

*For back pain, try wearing a yellow sapphire or citrine.

*To improve digestion, drink warm water with lemon juice in the morning.

*To combat fatigue, try wearing a red coral or garnet.

Who is the best astrologer for health? Astrologer Sunny Sharma's health astrology prediction gives you a holistic approach to improving your well-being. 
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I was very impressed by his reading, it was so accurate and spot on! From my birth chart, he guessed almost all the highlight events have happened in my life right. He taught me a mantra to chant and yantra to wear for my planet and karma, his advice for future life is clear and helpful

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