Know The Secret of Saturn Transit 2024! How does it affect you?

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What is the effect of Saturn transit 2024? Will natives face negativity? What kind of results will it bring? Know all about Saturn's transit and its effects!

Saturn Transit 2024 Vedic Astrology


What is planetary transit? When a planet moves from one zodiac to another, there is a subtle shift in its energy, affecting every aspect of life. This shift is the 'transit of planet'. Therefore, Saturn transit 2024 means Saturn is shifting to its astrological neighbour. Saturn's movement affects each zodiac in a different manner. It simultaneously affects the personal and professional sphere of the individuals.


Now, where will be Saturn in 2024? Saturn transit means the time for self-reflection. Individuals need to reconsider their goals and rethink their ambitions. In other words, Saturn transit is the time to evaluate where you are standing and where you want to land in the future.


Saturn Transit 2024 Dates – Effects on All Zodiacs


Saturn is a planet known for discipline, dedication, and hard work. It is the period when you should face the challenges head-on. So, 'What are the transits in 2024?' helps to know the positions of long-term success. But always remember, Saturn transit 2024 is not accessible. It is a test that requires total commitment, dedication, and honesty.


So, what is the effect of Shani in 2024? Patience and honesty is the key during Saturn's transit. It brings career changes; there is a shift in mind-set and the dimension of personal and professional growth changes. 


Let us consider Saturn transit 2024, as per Saturn transit astrology mentioned in the top 10 astrology/horoscope sites


Saturn Transit 2024 - Saturn in Aries 2024


The Saturn transit in Aries 2024 will rule the tenth and eleventh house in Aries and settle in the eleventh house. It indicates potential gains, especially from owned businesses. Further, with Jupiter in the second house, there are chances of a surprise increase in income. In addition, you will pay attention to your children's education and development. But, simultaneously, you should be careful about laziness and lethargy.  


After May 2024, there are chances of an increase in income and savings. You may also get financial gains. However, it would help to be careful between February 11 and March 18 and June 29 and November 15 because your finances may take a negative toll. 


As per Saturn transit 2024, Saturn's rise in Aquarius on March 18 may be the turning point in your life, as it will allow you to fulfil your desires. In a nutshell, this year is a fulfilling one for significant decisions.


Saturn in Taurus 2024


Saturn transit 2024 says that Saturn will occupy the tenth house in Aquarius, the house of karma and destiny. It will give substantial opportunities and unexpected gains and put you in control of your business and profession. Further, if you work dedicatedly, there are chances of increased income. However, you may only be able to give a little time to your family. 


The period between June 29 and November 15 will provide complete contentment. However, the period between February 11 and March 18 is challenging for your career. Remember that on March 18, there is a positive shift in Saturn's position, resulting in new job opportunities.  


Further, besides Saturn transit 2024, knowing about Sade sati and its phase is equally important.  


Saturn in Gemini 2024


Saturn will govern Gemini's eighth and ninth houses, and then it will move to Aquarius. Ninth house connects with luck and positivity, and the natives of this zodiac will have good outcomes in the latter half of the year. Saturn in Gemini 2024 indicates travel and potential success. However, travel may lead to fatigue; therefore, plan your success carefully.


Though there may be an increase in expenses after May 2024, there may also be an effect on the native's father's health and relations. Therefore, prioritize your hard work over luck, and you will have career success. There are also chances of transfer in work and increase in income.


Between February 11 and March 18, the Saturn phase may provide unexpected career benefits and income. However, the rise of Saturn in Aquarius on March 18 will offer more overseas job opportunities and an increase in revenue.


Moreover, there will be a retrogression of Saturn between June 29 and November 15. Therefore, there are chances of a good career and an increase in earnings. Natives may also travel to foreign lands during this period. 


Saturn in Cancer 2024


Saturn in Cancer 2024 will be in Aquarius's seventh and eighth house, with more emphasis on the house. The eighth house indicates obstacles and delays due to half-hearted efforts. Therefore, there might be problems in fortunes, health issues, and relationships may suffer. Cancer ascendant has peculiar characteristics and traits, and Saturn transit affects the cancer native's life. 


Though there may be an improvement in efficiency after May 2024, there are also chances of job change for growth. There may also be disputes and arguments with partners. But amidst all these problems, hard work is the primary key, as it will increase the chances of income. 


The retrogression of Saturn from June 29 to November 15 is a favourable phase for my career, though it will generate moderate income. However, during Saturn's combust state from February 11 to March 18, 2024, better career benefits and improved personal relationships could emerge. 


Moreover, Saturn's rise in Aquarius on March 18, 2024, brings opportunities for unexpected income sources, like inheritance. However, it could also get increased pressure, and it is hard to earn money and gain a reputation. Natives should prioritise health during this period.


Saturn in Leo 2024


Saturn will control the sixth and seventh houses of Leo; then it will move to Aquarius—the seventh house linked with relationship and business. Therefore, anticipate challenges in generating profits and distance travel opportunities accompanied by fatigue. Consequently, we suggest planning your career properly and cautiously. 


Moreover, after May 2024, there may be an increase in expenses and possible job change. There are chances of expenditure on your life partner's health, which may affect your relationship.  


The retrogression of Saturn between June 29 and November 15 shows a favourable time in career and income. However, earlier in the year, between February 11 and March 18, natives may receive limited career and relationship benefits. But, as per Saturn in Leo 2024, a career might shift positively starting March 18. 


Saturn in Virgo 2024


In Saturn transit 2024, Saturn will be in Aquarius and govern the fifth and sixth house of Virgo. Now, as the sixth house is the house of effort, there are strong chances of career success, especially after 2024. Success, financial support, luck, and opportunity might all be part and parcel of a native's life, but not with hard work and dedication. 


Between February 11 and March 18, natives should take care of their health. But on March 18, new opportunities will knock on the door with Jupiter's blessing.


Further, there are strong chances of a job transfer or change, and during Saturn retrogression, i.e., between June 29 and November 15, natives may face problems. 


Saturn in Libra 2024


Saturn will be in Aquarius, specifically in the fifth house, and it will govern Libra's fourth and fifth houses. This transit will bring benefits in terms of money, career, and new ventures. However, after May 2024, unexpected chances for inheritance could arise. Success and financial support, possibly through loans, could also come when needed.


Further, the Saturn in Libra 2024, after May 2024, leaning towards spirituality could bring success. Hard work, rather than luck, is crucial for career results, with possibilities of job transfers or changes and a possible increase in income. 


The retrograde movement of Saturn from June 29 to November 15, 2024, is a favourable period for career and earnings. In Saturn's combust state from February 11 to March 18, 2024, worries about career progress and children's development might be prominent.


Saturn's rise in Aquarius on March 18, 2024, benefits children's development and assures progress. Spiritual progress and travel may also contribute to your life during this period.


Saturn in Scorpio 2024


Saturn's transit through Aquarius will be in the fourth and fifth houses, especially in the fourth house. Therefore, natives might face leg and back problems. After May 2024, natives may face setbacks and get some loans. But after some time, natives may get success in money and relationship comfort. Further, relatives and family members may also contribute towards gain.  


The most crucial aspect of Saturn in Scorpio 2024 is that to achieve success, natives should put in a lot of hard work. Further, between June 29 and November 15, during the retrograde of Saturn, natives will relish a positive time in their career, with good earnings and happiness in their relationships. Natives will also get the support of their families.


Further, the combustion of Saturn from February 11 to March 18 might give unfavourable results and insecure feelings. In addition to this, the rise of Saturn on March 18 will lead to minor health issues.


Saturn in Sagittarius 2024


Saturn in Sagittarius 2024 governs the second and third houses, especially the third house, which might bring benefits, success, good financial returns, and also support from siblings. However, after May 2024, disappointment in problems in life may arise. 


Though obstacles may arise throughout Saturn transit 2024, there will be support from relationships, which will contribute towards gains. There might be an increase in career benefits and promotions. Further, there might be changes in the place of living. But with an increase in family burden, natives may take loans, thus increasing burdens.


Further, Saturn's retrograde movement from June 29 to November 15 may not favour your career, financial benefits, and relationship happiness. February 11 to March 18 may bring unfavourable results and challenges to the family. However, when Saturn rises in Aquarius on March 18, it offers comforts with money increase, savings, and good. 


Saturn in Capricorn 2024


2024 Saturn will be in Aquarius, governing Capricorn's first and second houses, specifically the second house. It's moderate for Capricorn natives; Saturn's in the second house could lead to financial challenges and increased expenses. Health issues related to eyes and teeth could also arise during this transit. After May 2024, there could be a loss of comfort, family problems, and strained relationships with family members. It would help if you consciously made more money and focused on family development during this period.


Throughout this transit, there is the possibility of delays in financial benefits. After May 2024, spending on family and investing in a house as an asset is possible. Saturn Transit 2024 suggests potential gains through support from relationships and family circles. More travel with family is also indicated.


Saturn's retrograde movement from June 29 to November 15, 2024, brings unsatisfactory times, with financial fluctuations, high expenses, and family disputes due to misunderstandings. Promises may be challenging to keep during this period.


Saturn in Aquarius 2024


Saturn in Aquarius 2024 will govern the twelfth and first houses and stay in the first house. Generally, it will bring health problems, laziness, and low confidence. There may be eye and teeth problems. 


Saturn Transit 2024 suggests that after May 2024, there might be some leg and thigh problems, and finances may suffer. Further, natives may spend their money on family and housing. But natives, in this period, may gain support from relationships and family. 


The retrograde movement from June 29 to November 15 will improve luck, health and finances. But there are chances of problems in friendship and business. However, the period between February 11 and March 18 may cause health problems and a lack of determination. But the rise of Saturn on Aquarius in 2024 will mark a favourable period and high career benefits.


Saturn in Pisces 2024


Saturn will govern the eleventh and twelfth houses of Pisces and will be the twelfth house in Aquarius. Generally, it will create problems such as health issues and sleep disorders. Simultaneously, pain in the legs and thighs may also arise.


Saturn Transit 2024 suggests that after May 2024, there might be relationship problems and loss in finances during travel. Also, an increase in expenses will add towards worries and additional costs. 


The retrograde movement from June 29 to November 15 may further increase worries and loans. Natives may also face problems with their business partners. Additionally, from February 11 to March 18, sleep disturbance and loss of courage may occur. On the other hand, on March 18, however, there may be new offerings in foreign land and job opportunities. 


Saturn will remain in Aquarius in 2024, and there will be no other Saturn transit 2024. However, it will continue to give results on retrograde movements. 

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