Progeny Meaning in Kundali Predicts Parenthood

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Can astrology give insight into the parent-child relationship? Progeny in Kundali suggests yogas for conceiving. It points out challenges and suggests remedies.

What is Progeny in Kundli


Children are our future. But what happens when we cannot conceive? Apart from medical reasons, are there any astrological reasons? We know that our Kundali contains information on every aspect of our life. It also reflects our capacity to bear children. What is progeny in KundaliProgeny in Kundali is the Putra or Santan Bhav. It indicates children and parenthood.


What is Progeny Issues? The Progeny Meaning in Kundali


Progeny is a big issue. Sometimes, there is no medical problem, but then a couple is unable to carry a child. There can be astrological reasons associated with this issue. Progeny in Kundali points out many things:


Firstly, it indicates the likelihood of having children, the number of children, and as well as their gender.

Secondly, it suggests the dynamics and harmony between parents and children.

Thirdly, it also tells about the timing of parenthood.


Now that we understand the progeny meaning in kundli in Hindi let's delve into the depth of how to interpret progeny in Kundali.


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Progeny Excess in Kundli: Which Planet Is Responsible for Progeny?


Which house is responsible for progeny? Progeny excess meaning in Kundli can be determined by observing the placement of planets in the 5th house of the horoscope. 


When there is the presence of benefic planets like Jupiter and Venus, then there is the likelihood of conceiving.


Further, in addition to this, astrologers, through marriage astrology, also analyze the cusp of the 5th house and the presence of any other planet in the 5th house.  


Now, if we extend the line to interpret progeny in Kundali, then astrologers study the Saptamamsha chart or D7. They see it in the light of Lagna or Lagna lord, 5th house and its lord.


Apart from the above factors, the 7th house also impacts progeny. When malefic planets are present in the 7th house, then there are fewer chances of bearing children. In this light, astrologers also analyze the 8th and 12th houses.


Now, suppose there are weak chances of having children, then what shall we do? Astrology offers remedies, such as Santan Gopal Mantra or even Santan Prapti Mantra.


Therefore, progeny in Kundali points towards children, and astrology as a Vedic science also suggests remedies if there is a problem in conceiving. 

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