Get to know the Jupiter Transit 2020 to 2021 Predictions


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Get to know the Jupiter (Guru) Transit 2020 to 2021- its meaning, its effects on each of the zodiac signs - on health, career.etc.
Get to know the Jupiter Transit 2020 to 2021 Predictions

Jupiter Transit 2020-2021: its effects and remedies


Get to know the Jupiter Transit in 2020-2021- what does it mean and its effects on all the zodiac signs - family life, business, career and health. The largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter has a special relevance in our vedic astrology. Often being called as ‘Guru’ in hindi, It is considered as the mentor and guide for all the human beings. It presides over two zodiac signs - Pisces and Sagittarius. A Jupiter is highly benevolent and does good to the natives. It helps an individual to achieve higher education and become editor, lawyer judge, teacher, professor, bank manager, etc. Jupiter is also being called as the planet of wisdom.


Being the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is the most important planet which is associated with name, fame , wealth, children and wisdom in our lives. Hence it plays an important role  in bringing prosperity, financial success and contented personal life to a person. Due to its significance role, people like to know what is meant by transit of guru in 2021. How does  transition of jupiter in 2021 affect their lives? What does it mean by Jupiter changes 2021? Before we are getting into these questions, we would first like to understand the planet Jupiter (Guru) and its very nature. As per the Muhurt Shastra, Thursday is the day assigned to the God Brihaspati I.e. planet Jupiter. Natives born under zodiac sign of Sagittarius and Pisces are ruled by this planet. They are generally spiritual, dedicated and hardworking individuals. They are honest, ethical always believe in working for the welfare of the society. 


Jupiter planet bestows the wisdom to people. It is also known as the teacher of Gods, hence named as “Guru”. This wisdom helps people to attract health, luxury, authority, position and stature in society.  When such an important planets transits like Guru Transit 2021 we are expecting many changes in individual’s lives. For some, this period could be stressful. But at the same time, for many, this is the period to achieve spiritual intelligence. One of the effects of Jupiter Transit 2021 as per vedic astrology is individuals go for introspection, soul searching and undoing of past negative karmas. If a person understand the meaning of this transits, he will understand the direction of the flow and therefore, won’t put up a resistance and calmly pass through the turbulent times and will have much smoother and calmer life afterwards.  


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Jupiter Transit 2020-2021  Effects On Aries


Jupiter makes a move into the 10th house of Aries. Due to the Jupiter Transit in 2020-2021 , people fall under Aries will have challenging times in their careers, jobs and businesses. They are advised to focus on the assignments they have in their hands at present and need to work little harder to achieve the desired output. This is also essential to secure their positions in a job. Finances will remain secure. They only need to save for the rainy days. They will be able to increase the inflow of money. 


Health poses no such problem for them, according to the zodiac chart. Minor health concerns like viral infections may affect some of them, hence they need to take care of their health and what they eat.


Personal life seems calm and trouble-free. For minor issues, handle it with tact and delicately. They are advised to plan some outdoor trip to strengthen the bond and maintain peace and harmony among their relationships.


Jupiter Transit 2020-2021 Effects on Taurus


In Jupiter Transit in 2020-2021, planet Jupiter resides in eighth and eleventh house of the Taurus. In the first phase, its positioning in the eighth house will ensure you get the rewards for the hard work done by you in the past. This phase will work out well for the people who are in research field. Your plans to go abroad can be fulfilled and all the obstacles will be duly taken care of. Money seems pouring in fro ancestral property. Health may trouble you during this phase. Hence, eat well and take care of your stomach and liver. This phase will also prove to be good for the people who are indulging in business. Projects will be finished on time garnering appreciation from the clients.



During this phase, people under Taurus sign will observe religious inclinations. You are advised to stay away from procrastination. It may pose some problems for you.


Jupiter Transit 2020-2021 Effects on Gemini


As per the Jupiter Transit 2020-2021, planet Jupiter resides in the seventh house of Taurus, in the beginning of the year and tenth in later part of the year. These positions are favourable for this zodiac sign. Career and business will bloom and grow during this period, hence stabilizing your financial situation. But, business people will face problems in completing orders and career oriented needs to work hard to secure their positions. This period will bring in the fruits of your hard work you did in the past. A good female friend will help you and offer you support you needed. Stress in married life may increase during this period as the Jupiter will try to create a rift between the partners. You need to be alert during Jupiter retrograde 2020-2021.



Jupiter Transit 2020-2021 Effects on Cancer


Jupiter rules over the seventh and ninth house of the Cancerian zodiac sign. Jupiter Transit 2020-2021 will prove beneficial for individuals who are Cancerians. The business will grow. Money will flow in and loans will be repaid. Career oriented individuals and business people find little difficulty maintaining their focus and need to put in extra efforts in their works to achieve desired results. There will be frictions among family members, hence family matters need more attention. In matters of litigation, you will emerge victorious. Retrograde period which will start from June 30 will bring problems in your married life, hence you need to be extra careful during this period. 


Jupiter Transit 2020-2021 Effects on Leo


The planet of Wisdom, Jupiter presides over the fifth and eighth houses of Leo. The first 6 months of the Jupiter Transit in 2020-2021 is beneficial for people governed by this sun sign. During this period, students, researchers and people undertaking higher studies will perform really well. The harder they work, the more fruits of labour they will reap in. People around you will be very supportive in your endeavours. There are chances for pursuing higher studies in abroad. Health concerns may affect you. Focus on your work and job and avoid a job change anytime in mid of the year. Stay away from rifts and frictions. Your enemies may try their best to bring you down. Marital problems may arise, but will get resolved with love, care and due attention. You may opt for pilgrimage during this period.


Jupiter Transit 2020-2021 Effects on Virgo


Planet Jupiter will govern as the lord of fourth and seventh house of the sun sign, Virgo. Jupiter Transit in 2020-2021 will bring positive results in all the areas of life for this sun sign. You will see expansion in business. New partnerships, new business ventures will be seen in horizon. People around you will be supportive of your ideas and plans. If you are in a job, you may expect a promotion. If you are looking for a job change, you will get a job of your choice with a lucrative pay package. Your hard work and efforts will pay off.


Your relationships will improve. People undertaking higher studies will perform well. Those who are single, can expect to get married this year. Those who are already married, can expect a child birth during this period. Those who are in love have higher chances to walk the aisle with the partner of their choice. If you have been unlucky so far in love, you may hear a good news from your ex and may have lost love back in your life.


Jupiter Transit 2020-2021 Effects on Libra


Jupiter, the most important planet according to vedic astrology, will rule over the third and sixth house of moon sign. People ruled by this zodiac sign are generally loyal, devoted and committed to their work and life partners. This Jupiter Transit in 2020-2021 will help your life partner to achieve great success. There will be peace and harmony in family life. Life will be good inside the house. Problems may occur at work front. Yet, they can be taken care of with great patience and maturity. However, you still hold a chance for a promotion and a salary hike. In the later part of the year during Jupiter retrograde 2021, your closeness with your mother will increase and her blessings and her words of advise will help you in great deal.



Jupiter Transit in 2020-2021 Effects on Scorpio


Planet Jupiter presides over the second and fifth house of the horoscope. In the beginning of its stay in the second house, will help people governed by this sun sign immensely. They will be benefitted monetarily in a big way. You will be a person of credibility and repute to whom people will look up to and listen to. This period is very auspicious to start a new venture or to make investments or any kind of business move. WithJupiter transit in Capricorn 2020-2021, you will bag new lucrative projects and will be appreciated for your work. Domestic life may go little disturbed, but worry not, everything will work out with smooth retrograde of Jupiter. Children will give you a reason to cheers.


Jupiter Transit 2021-2021 Effects on Capricorn


Planet Jupiter sits in the fourth house of Capricorn. The Jupiter Transit in 2020-2021 will help you in expansion of your knowledge, skills and personality during this period. You will have impressive communication skills that will immensely help in your professional and work life. Yet, you are advised to your present job and not to think about job change during this period. You need to be extra careful during Jupiter retrograde 2021 and especially in the last months of this year. Try not to lend money during this period as it wouldn’t be easy to get your money back. Financial position looks comfortable. There are no major health problems are in sight except minor health issues like viral infections. Those who are unmarried, may go for marriage this year.



Jupiter Transit 2020-2021 Effects on Aquarius


According to the Jupiter Transit in 2020-2021, planet Jupiter rules over as the lord of the second and eleventh house of this zodiac sign. Financial gains are in sight for Aquarians. They will be receiving monetary benefits from multiple sources. Professional and personal both lives look very good and promising. You will be amidst your loved ones, embracing their love and warmth and cooperation. You will make new friends, enlarge your circle of friends. The Jupiter transit for Aquarius will happen in the month of March, bringing you opportunities to grow and expand. There is also a possibility for a trip to abroad. Litigation matters will be resolved and go in your favour. Investments will bear fruits. You need to take extra care of your health during the later part of the year. There are chances of accident.


Jupiter Transit in 2020-2021 Effects on Pisces


Planet Jupiter presides over the 10th house of Pisces, as per the Jupiter Transit in 2020-2021. This Jupiter transit will bring in good times for your business and career. Hard work will be rewarded. If you plan to start a new venture, it will immensely work in favour. You need to make efforts and work hard, but your efforts will not go in vain. In the month of March, Jupiter will make a move to the eleventh house of your zodiac sign, bringing you better prospects at work and job front. You may plan a job change around this time. Getting a desired salary will be a child’s play during this period.


You just need to watch out for your expenses. Don’t splurge too much. Seek the support of your seniors. Domestic life seems fine. Try to sort all your issues on your own. It is highly advisable not to let anybody else get involved in your marital affairs. This might create problems between the partners. Handle any rifts with great care and maturity.


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