How to Read Kundli


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If you want to know how to read Kundli, get in touch with Sunny Astrologer who has rich experience and knowledge about analyzing charts.
How to Read Kundli

Janma Kundli, also known as Janma Patra, is used to predict certain incidents, and you must have heard about it once in your life. It emphasizes specific aspects of your life, including auspicious and inauspicious periods. To learn how to read Kundli accurately, you should consider a few vital factors. 


How to Understand Kundli? 


A Janma Kundli explains the positions of various planets and their movements at a specific time. Each Kundli is classified into 12 different sections called houses and is created differently in different places. It’s important to understand these houses when you learn how to read Kundli


In the Indian method, Kundli is made differently in Northern Vedic astrology, Eastern Vedic astrology and Southern Vedic astrology. To learn how to read Kundli in Hindi, you must study 12 astrological signs properly. 


These signs are present in 12 different houses; every house includes one astrological sign. During your birth, the sign rising in the zodiac will be in your Kundli’s first house. When you learn how to read Kundli houses, you understand other signs are ranked in an anti-clockwise direction. For example, if Gemini is positioned in the first house, the second house includes Cancer and so on. 


Check the Accuracy of Birth Details


First, to simplify a Kundli, check whether all the inputs like date, month, year, time and place of birth are right or not. It’s necessary when learning  how to read Kundli for childbirth. You must know the exact location of the birth as in some hospital or at home and if at home then who wrote the birth details. It’s necessary because if wrong birth details are entered in calculations, then wrong birth charts and Vedic horoscopes are generated, resulting in wrong predictions. You can’t learn how to read Kundli without the right birth details. 


Check the Power of Planets


After generating Kundli, check degrees of Lagna or ascendant and planets. Planets, also called Grihas with 0 or 29 degrees, are considered to be on the boundary of two zodiac signs being reduced in power. That’s one of the important aspects you’d understand when learning how to read Kundli for childbirth. 


Further, examine which planets are present in their own zodiac sign in the natal chart. Planets are present uchcha (exalted), which planets are present neecha (debilitated) planets are present in the sign of friend planets and signs on enemy planets. You need to understand all these aspects when learning how to read Kundli from an expert. 


How to read Kundli for marriage? 


Houses and charts play vital roles in Marriage astrology. To know how to read Kundli for marriage, you must follow the main birth chart, Navamsa chart and Jaimini principle. These three-step methods can deliver an accurate marriage prediction


How to read Kundli for Career?


When learning how to read Kundli for career, know if malefic planets such as Mars, Ketu, Saturn, or Sun are linked to the 5th house (house of education) in the chart, it indicates that the person has a technical interest and performs well in some technology-related career. If Venus is linked to the fifth house in Kundli, it means a person performs well in Life Sciences, Pharmacy or Arts related career line. Reading planets, according to the house, is the key factor when learning how to read Kundli for career


If you want to know how to read Kundli charts, get in touch with Best Astrologer in India who has rich experience and knowledge about analyzing charts, planets and other important elements related to Kundli. 

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